Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Other Jobs as Needed

I walked out this morning to get my first cup of coffee to start the day.  And Cecilia called up to me from the garage: “Debe maize!”

It took me a moment to figure out what the heck she was talking about: ‘you must corn’  ?  (That is the literal translation).  When I gave here the ‘huh?’ look … she said “tienen hambre.” (They are hungry). 

Ah.  I get it.  I know it’s early – and my Spanish brain takes a while to warm up (even after almost 2 years) … but my first hint should have been that I was standing on the steps leading down to the main house and was saying good morning to the 3 chickens tied to the tree. 

Ok.  I need to give the chickens some corn!  I can do that.  Even before coffee I can do that.

They seemed grateful.  If not a little gluttonous!  If they only knew where they would ultimately end up!

So – are you wondering why we have 3 chickens in the yard?  I could just let you make up your own stories about that.  Maybe have a contest – tell me what you think – the best story will get a prize!  Some eggs perhaps.  I’ll just pop them in the mail! Ha-ha.

Ok.  I’ll tell you.

Yesterday, thanks to a family who has a partnership with two communities, we had the pleasure of going out to deliver roofing lamina to all the families of these two communities.

After finishing in one community, we had a quick bite to eat before getting in the truck to go to the other where the lamina and the people were waiting patiently. 

Balmore said a few words to the crowd to start.  Then Blanca asked if I wanted to say something (and she whispered in my ear to ask them to make sure they attend our bi-monthly meetings!)   So I started out by thanking everyone for working so hard to help out today; especially the men who came up to Berlin to unload 700 metal lamina roofing sheets!  Then I reminded them why we were there – because in the walking door to door last September, their ‘partner’ could see the need.  And what a joy it is to be able to share. 

It was at this point – a woman came up to me and started to hand me one of those colorful plastic grocery baskets …she had a gift for me.  Hmm…  Inside the basket were two live chickens!  She took them out and handed them to me … Cecilia grabbed my camera and started clicking away.  I think she was getting a kick out of this … so I had the two chickens in my arms thanking her … I was a bit embarrassed … when up came another woman – with yet another chicken.  Then came a man with a bundle of freshly picked beans still on the vines.  Then a lady with a bag of corn, then a man with a bag of oranges, then a really old man with some bananas, then someone with 2 apples in a bag, a bag of squash, a bag of pipian squash – whatever people had to share – they shared.  Tears were falling. 

Blanca said I could NOT say no to these gifts … they were being given from their hearts.  So I said thank you to one and all – knowing that these gifts will be shared with those who need!

And I already gifted some of that bag of corn to the chickens!

And I know we’ll probably spend part of the day getting the red beans out of the pods.  We received 5 large bundles of beans when all was said and done.

This was another case of the really poor sharing what they have.  I was reminded of the poor widow woman’s two copper coins.  (Luke 21:1) 

The first gifts ... I LOVE the look on her face!

more chicken!

THIS is truly a gift of life! 

A  bag of platanos!  (banana cousin)

A bag of Pipian (squash)

More beans!  Probably harvested this morning!

Mauricio joking that Jefferson - the little boy - was his gift to me!
Jefferson giggled the whole time!  His sister was a bit worried!

EVERYONE to receive lamina sheets to help keep them dry!

Happy with gramma's lamina! 

Many of the men helped the women and older ones!

A census to make sure no one gets forgotten! 
Note how many cannot sign their names...

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Alisha Lundberg said...

I love this blog! What wonderful gifts!!