Saturday, November 20, 2010

Asian Fest!

Idalia came home from the market this morning and said there was a whole bunch of people from Asia here!  Candies that were really pretty wrapped in pretty paper … kimono clad women …

I had to check it out. 

Sure enough.  There was a group of people singing on the bandshell stage in the park (Christmas songs) – there were a bunch of little centers set up with games, things to sell, origami making, calligraphy … foods including okonomiyaki and sushi.  Amazing.  And a bit surreal.

I got in line for the okonomiyaki (a Japanese pupusa is what they called it - I imagine to make it tempting to people here) … it is a mixture of beaten egg, cabbage, little shrimps, hamburger meat and it is plopped onto a griddle in a heap and when it is flipped and flopped and well cooked, it resembles hash browned potatoes.   Kinda yummy but didn't taste like how I remembered when I’ve had it at Japanese restaurants back in the States.  But – like my Thanksgiving dinner a couple of years back – you gotta work with what you can find in the ‘stores’ on the street here for the right ingredients.  

I bought 10 portions at 50 cents each.  I ran into Manuel and Fermín who were getting one for Father Cándido – I treated them to two each (big spender, me) and bought 6 more to bring back to the Pastoral House for whoever wanted to try them. 

It was a fun morning.  I spent about an hour and a half enjoying talking to people, taking pictures and waiting in a long food line!

I got back to the house just as our truck was being returned.  Cecilia and I had dropped it off down the street beyond the cemetery to get the bed repaired.  It was squeaking and rubbing … the bolts and bushings needed replacing.  So… $20 poorer – we are good to go. 

I’ll be anxious to drive it to see how it sounds.  Poor thing carries a LOT of weight on a semi regular basis.  No wonder it was complaining!

The rest of the day passed slowly.  

I think I’ll pull the guitar out of the case and play a little.  I’d like to toughen up my fingers.  I do find it relaxing.  And thanks to Mike for buying, and the Ankeny group for schlepping – the guitar has all new strings.  It sounds pretty nice.  Unless my fingers get tired and squeak!

Taking a break!

Fishing game

Beautiful attire

Not sure what this game was but the children were having fun

A board game about the environment

All morning this man made the Okonomiyaki

She was a cockroach! But not near the food!  haha

Okonomiyaki in the raw ... and next to it - almost done!

Brave girls trying the "Japanese Pupusa"

Our Japanese visitors

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Alisha Lundberg said...

How fun!! Sounds like an exciting day!