Friday, November 19, 2010

The Need for Happy Thoughts

Confession – Sometimes I get so sad. Sometimes angry. Sometimes frustrated. And I find I have to bring myself back to earth. This past week has been full of frustrating and maddening situations which I won’t get into here.

Of course in between the frustrations there are good moments. Always. But this week has been particularly tough for me personally.

So I’ve been digging deep today to try to find joyful thoughts as a boost to my spirit.
And there really are many things to be joyful about.

Friendship and sisterhood: I feel a connectedness with the ladies of the Pastoral Team that I am treasuring greatly. This brings me great joy. Even in the midst of our mutual sadness and frustration, or maybe because of it, we find space to laugh.

Children: I’ve been reviewing some photos from the last couple of delegations and I can’t help but smile at some of the memories. Unfortunately, reviewing photos also reminds me of the sadness of the realities of life for children here – and their futures – but those realities remind me of why I’m here.

Music: sometimes discordant, usually boisterous. Catarina in Corozal has SUCH a spirit and joy in her praise songs you can’t help but want to dance along! I, of course, do NOT dance but I clap a lot and sing along when I can.

Critters: butterflies especially bring me joy. They are so beautiful here. There is this one type in particular that I usually see on the roads out to the cantons. It has a wingspan of about 5 inches – it is mostly a vibrant blue with darker edges. Stunning.

Delegations: though they wear me out – renew me.

Thoughts of my family: but those thoughts often make me sad, too – because I miss them.

Mike: see above.

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