Friday, May 14, 2010

Photos of Water Tank Deliveries!

Watching everyone else receive their tanks!

Otilia lending a hand. She carried this about a half mile.
Including a STEEP path down, across a dry river bed and then UP to the house.

Helping mom!

The 3 families who already have a tank, got 3 chairs and a big bucket of goods!
No one got left out nor forgotten!

Didn't want to waste funds for the big truck for the 3 leftover tanks.
You go girl!!!!
Didn't know Jesus was so strong!

Signing for a tank in Alejandria

People listening to the words of the Pastoral Team and Directiva

44 tanks in San Lorenzo

Signing for the tank with a thumb print.

Family photo! The boy was saying: "Hurry and take the picture please!"

Getting the attachments from the President of the Directiva

Team effort

Doing her part to help!

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