Wednesday, May 5, 2010

May 5th 2010 – 21 hours WITHOUT LIGHT

Or computer, or phone, or doorbell. We lost power last night about 8 p.m. It happens a lot here. For goodness sake – we are 3 miles from the 2nd biggest geo thermal plant in the country!! You'd think there would be SOME perks to that proximity.

Usually the power comes back on within a minute. Maybe 10. Rarely more than a half hour. Although sometimes it will be a half hour now and then 20 minutes later, another half hour…

But we waited and waited. We always have our candles near by and we got our candles lit. I had unplugged my computer in case of a power surge upon re-arrival of our energy but I was still puttering away. I had no internet, but I could still write letters and reports, etc.

I finally gave up after an hour and hit the hay. I figured by morning, all would be good.


Power didn’t come back till after 5 p.m.

I had already used some of my computer battery last night and wanted to conserve it just in case anyone really needed something. So I didn’t even turn it on all day. That was very strange.

I read a while. We all sat around the table chatting for a while. I read some more. I watched the rain for a while. I organized all the education folders – putting the grade reports and messages of ‘thank you’ that have been straggling in – in their proper place by the appropriate student’s receipt of scholarship payout. I decided while I was at it to balance the books. All is fine there. We cut the grass and trimmed some trees during a lull in the rain. I read some more.

We had two students and their mothers come today for the May portion of their scholarship. A high school scholarship is $150 per year and is paid out in $50 increments in January, May and August. The first payout helps pay for shoes and uniform, the second payout for shoes that need to be replaced, extra school supplies, etc. The third payout often covers graduation or end of year expenses. Each family decides how they need it the most. We do not micro-manage that. Some students wear out their shoes, others might wear out the uniform. But there are always random expenses for school that need to be covered. 3 partner churches are supporting their communities students and the Pastoral House itself has a fund thanks mostly to a gentleman in Indianola.

After they left, I read some more. Then I was asked to take Blanca and Idalia to Alejandria because they had heavy things to cart. It was a good diversion!! I actually got bored today. I missed being out of communication.

Fortunately, our stove is propane powered and is not dependent upon electricity. So we were able to heat water for coffee. Thank goodness. Not that I'm addicted or anything. But I think I am!

So now I’m back in the loop.
I did have time to ponder how incredibly tethered and ‘dependent’ I am to this computer. Not sure if that is a good thing or not.

How DID people function without them??


Alisha Lundberg said...

And why do you know to use the stove to make coffee when the power is out? That would be my genius idea the day the power went out in March. Remember, I couldn't figure out why the internet didn't work, the light bulb was "burned out", and there was no warm water. Hmmm, brilliant.

Anonymous said...

Desperation (lack of coffee) leads to creativity!

Seeing Cecilia at the stove making breakfast helped, too!

I can't take credit for this brilliance!