Wednesday, September 1, 2010

September 1st 2010 – Wake Up Call

I woke up this morning to the blaring sound of music. Well – blaring is a relative term. At 5:30 in the morning when all has been still (except for the roosters, dogs and roaring vehicles which I don’t hear anymore), it doesn’t take much for sounds to seem to blare.

But the music was loud! I sometimes hear a gentle distant sound of music – the neighbors might put on the local DJ once a week. That I don’t mind. But this morning… wow. It was like it was in the main house here and cranked all the way.

And it was the Salvadoran national anthem. It’s an ok piece of music – very military and distinct – but 5:30. Geesh.

Then I remembered. It is September – time to celebrate our independence! And here – they don’t just celebrate Independence DAY. They celebrate Independence MONTH. So we will get to enjoy the early wake up calls every day till at least then and perhaps beyond.

The actual Independence Day is September 15th. The Westminster delegation will be here then.

Hmmm. Should I warn them??

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Alisha Lundberg said...

I already experienced music at 5:00am when I was there during Patron Saint week in March. I say, BRING IT ON!!! I am so ready to be there!!