Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ants Like Tears and Other Observations

There are silly little things I discover almost daily mixed in with the bigger issues of the country!

I woke up with my eye feeling a bit wonky and teary. Not oopy like with pink eye … just feeling bothered and watery. So I took an antihistamine and put a Visine A drop in the bothersome eye. I had a tissue handy to swab gently at the tears as they fell …

When I was called down to breakfast, I set the tissue down next to the computer.

Upon return, I started in again on the work – I’ve been trying to clear my desk of all the random little notes and projects I have going. As I was typing and organizing – I felt a tickle on my hand. It was one of those teeny tiny ants that are all over the place. If you have ever been here you know them. They are ever present and every where ('every where' in two words on purpose for emphasis)! One should always look before one puts a piece of pan dulce in one’s mouth. One never knows how many are currently feasting on said piece of said cookie!

So I shook my hand to get rid of it. They don’t bite. They just tickle. And I kept on typing. But pretty soon I felt another tickle on my hand. Hm. I looked down and they were swarmed on that tissue I was using to dab my eye. Salt water attraction?

Can’t leave anything sitting on the desk! And all food up here in the office or my room is in Zip Lock bags! I feel the need to protect those little Snickers bars that Mike sent me well! Stingy me!

Chickens run funny. And they don’t know enough to run to the SIDE of the road so they run weaving in front of truck. Lucky for them I don’t like to cause harm to any living creatures here.

Dogs and cows own the road and feel no need to hurry nor move from their resting spots. Again ... lucky for them my 'do no harm' attitude.

After having to drive a different truck while our red one is in the shop getting its annual check up and myriad of little and not so little fixes … I will NEVER take for granted a quality vehicle on our horribly maintained country roads. So what if it costs over $1,600 every year to maintain? Ouch followed by a big sigh. I guess that is why I have a credit card … (with a zero balance!)

A final thought for the day:
If I were smart, I’d have my dirty clothes hanging on the line. Not to dry … but to get washed! It’s raining buckets.

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