Friday, June 8, 2012

Yummy times three

Here is a little follow up on the last blog of cool and beautiful things in the cantons ...

1.  The chicken was yummy.  (Sorry ... she is no longer with us).  Jesus came and did the dirty deed of killing her off and Idalia cleaned and cooked her.  The rest of us ate her.  I didn't know that till after the fact.

She was yummy ... but a TOUGH bird. 

2.  Monster mangos are green inside - and not sweet.  But it was still good.  Best with some salt and chili.  Not my favorite though.  I prefer the sweet.  We all shared one ... and sent the other one home with 11 year old Marvin (Cecilia's younger son).  He was thrilled! 

3.  Normal mangos when ripe are YUMMY.  Sweet and juicy - the juice will literally roll down your chin as you eat as well as down your forearms to your elbows.  And it is stringy meat surrounding a large pit.  So if you are lucky and have a knife, you can slice a wedge off and scrape the fruit off the peel with your teeth and letting the juice go all over.  If you are in the middle of nowhere and want to enjoy one - you bite off a piece of the skin and attempt to peel.  You bite the fruit off the peel and the pit.  A lovely MESSY MESS.  And you can't worry about the juicy mess while you eat a mango.  That takes away the fun and would be a waste of napkins. 

I waited till we were at the Pastoral House for my mango treat.  And I sliced it.  But I was still a mess when done.

What was given to us in Virginia the other day.  Two of the larger mangoes and lots of regular ones

My just consumed snack.  I had to clean up before starting this mini blog.

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Denise and Alan said...

Can't wait for the fruit - and of course to hug my ES friends :) 9 more days!!!