Wednesday, June 6, 2012

How is it??

How is it I always end up with the chicken?

And since Alejandro was driving, it ended up on my lap for the entire hour ride back to Berlin.  BUMPY ride I might add.  And I am pleased to say it did not poop on my once. 

The following pics are just some beautiful things I saw in Virginia today.  We were doing the 'final' water filter verification, changing lids, diffusors and exit tubes and giving two new cantaros to those who continue to use their filters.  We had 18 family visits today.  Going door to door. 

I know what hard work this is ... it takes a long time and much muscle.  But she is beautiful.

I LOVE this chair. 

These and the following were all in one person's yard. 

Two families up this path ... two water filters in good use! 
And Cecilia has such a lovely grace about her. 
Even in the most rocky, muddy paths - she seems so elegant.

Natural beauty

Elias is holding a MONSTER mango.  Irma is laughing at my disbelief!

A 'normal' mango on the right ... the monster mango on the left. 
Nances are in the guacal in the upper right corner.   All were gifted to us before we left.
Irma said our visit was so special ... she said she spends so much time 'crying' that our presence brought her a great joy.  I don't think there are many visitors that get down to where she lives ... the road is quite bad - and as the winter here contines - it will only get worse and eventually un-passable.

I call these 'lobster claws' - but I daresay they have a real name. 
Absolutely incredibly beautiful and unique.

These also have a THICK petal (or leaf - it might be a 'fake flower'  I know there is a technical term for that ... I just can't think of it - when the leaf is vibrant to attract birds/insects because it really has no flower - someone help me out here!!  haha)

All of these plants are in Irma's yard 

Even "just the green things" are beautiful


John (Juan) Donaghy said...

One woman here called the "lobster claws: - busca novio - looking for a husband.

kathy said...

That is a great name for that plant!!