Friday, November 18, 2011

2 videos ...

A sampling of a bumpy ride out to a canton - perspective from the back of the truck.  And this is a GOOD road!!!

Tortillas - the staple food of the Salvadoran people.  It is not the very thin Mexican tortilla but a 1/4 inch thick, beautifully rounded disc that has substance.  It is eaten at every meal.  If there are no tortillas, then the meal is not complete.  You can eat them plain with a little salt ... use them as a utensil with your meal - scooping your food with it.  You can put cheese on them or in them.  Normally they are eaten warm and fresh off the comal (the round cooking surface you see in the video) or toasted over a burner on the stove.  One of my favorite meals is a tortilla with a 2" hole cut out of the middle - in a frying pan with a thin layer of hot oil, place the tortilla down and break an egg into it.  It looks a little like a flying saucer.  It is yummy!  Another favorite meal of mine is a tortilla cut in half ... then slice it open like a pita and stuff it with some cheese and fry it up in a thicker layer of oil.  (This is not to be confused with a cheese pupusa!)

As you can see - they take a while to make.  You use the old stone method to make the masa (dough) the proper consistency.  It is time consuming.  And hot work.  And requires some skill to make a beautiful rounded tortilla.

Watch their hands.  It is a talent!!

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