Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Two Blessings

I have two very cool things to share:

The first blessing: As a result of a blog about the community of La Llanes and the need for water collection there, I received an email from a very small church in Centerville, Iowa (Centerville Presbyterian Church). The pastor there wanted to let me know that their mission committee wanted to purchase a water tank! She is also going to check with the men’s and women’s groups of the church to see if they would like to purchase another one.

What a blessing! So for sure we have one tank bought … only 19 to go!

Any others out there that would like to purchase a 750 liter water tank for a family?? Only $125 each … going once … going … well … 19 more times we hope!!

I love you all. Thank you!

A second blessing: Blanca and Cecilia (two of our Pastoral Team members) were telling me that they were going through their clothing to see what they could find to give to the families in La Llanes. So I was humbled and motivated to do the same. How sad is this: I found ten shirts (tank tops), a skirt and 4 pairs of sandals to donate to the cause. And I STILL have way too much clothing.

I have often felt that the poor have the most generous hearts. I learned a lesson today from my sisters at the Pastoral House!

I think tomorrow I will take $20 and go to the market to find some children’s clothing.

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