Friday, July 2, 2010

July 2nd 2010 – NEIGHBORS

My neighbor right over the fence near my office USED to be a rooster that sang very loudly and very badly. And at all times of the day and night. He died (enjoyed in someone’s soup perhaps?) or merely moved away about a year ago. I kinda miss him.

The next neighbor noise makers were party people. Their parties began about 7 p.m. and went till 10 or 10:30. Weekends, work week nights – didn’t matter. From the sounds, it was maybe 8 or 10 people and quickly moved from loud chatter to a few men singing along with to same songs every night – getting progressively louder – and more out of tune as the evenings wore on… and I’m assuming as the alcohol got consumed.

This wasn’t so bad. I had learned to tune them out.

Haven’t heard them for probably a month or so.

So about 15 minutes ago – NEW music sounded!! Cool. New neighbors?

This group sounds like about 15 or so. And they started with a song accompanied by clapping and a tambourine. Kind of nice. And obviously evangelical (read that: not Catholic and “subdued”). When the song ended – the preaching began in a loud, very boisterous and almost yelling voice. Sigh. He didn’t talk for long and now they are singing again. Most of the voices are pretty nice. But one male voice is just enough off key to be a little painful.

So now it’s been about a half hour of mostly singing. I wonder how long it will go on. If it is like the church across the street – it could be up to 3 hours.

Take no offense Lord – but I sure hope not.

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Alisha Lundberg said...

Poor rooster. I hope the soup was good.