Saturday, July 10, 2010

July 10th 2010 – Trivial Tidbits

33 miles = 3 communities = 6 plus hours in the car.

The roads are horrible this time of year. Deeply rutted, washed out and a bit precarious in areas and lots of deep mud pits. By the time the rainy season is done I’ll be able to compete in some good 4x4 competitions!

Conversation around the breakfast table the other day:
Magic Squirrels.


We have a new stove/oven. It still is not connected to the house. It is a gas stove but is hooked up to a propane tank because there is no such thing as a gas line here in Berlin. I made cookies last night in the new stove. And how cool is this: even the oven regulator now works! So if I put it at 200 degrees (Celsius) it actually is 200 degrees. I’m still afraid to light the oven by match though.

Cecilia … my hero.


Oh yeah… I forgot to mention … RAIN.

I have been really busy this past week getting ready for my trip to the States next week. I have 5 days worth of classes to teach at Synod School. I’m excited that I was invited back this year. So I’ve been making some changes to my power point presentations and their outlines. I don’t put words on my power points for the most part. I prefer photos. And LOTS of them! They say so much more than words anyway. But they need to tell the story – give the testimony – teach the history lesson and share the realities here. So I am very deliberate in how I put them together. I actually enjoy this work. But it takes so much time. I want the most powerful photos – and I have thousands of photos to go through.

But I’m done. I have them loaded onto my new little ‘netbook’ (the netbook was an extravagance for sure – but traveling with my 8 pound laptop and all its accoutrements was not fun so I splurged). The little netbook is limited – but it will have all I need to work away from ‘the office.’ I have access to my email, word processing, excel and power points. I’m set. This will be my first trip traveling light!

And I get to “preach” at my church (Heartland Presbyterian in Clive) on the 25th! Y’all are invited! So I’ve been working on that presentation as well. I think it is ready. Although knowing me – each time I go over it to become more familiar with the flow of it (so I don’t totally ‘read’ it that day) – I’m sure I will make adjustments. But it is basically done.

Magic squirrels.



Alisha Lundberg said...

Magic squirrels? What?

Anonymous said...

Thought you'd like that!! Apparently there is a cartoon here about a magic squirrel ... think Rocky and Bulwinkle - or are they before your time??