Saturday, May 19, 2012

Random Rainy Day Thoughts

I need a change of scenery.  I want to rearrange my bedroom … but there really IS no other way to create my space … a twin bed, little typewriter table (you remember the old metal two-shelf thingies on wheels?) and one ‘wardrobe’ (as in the Lion, the witch and the…) – all squeezed into a 9’ x 10’ space … and two of the walls have a door (one leads to the office, one leads to my little bathroom) … There really isn’t another way to arrange that space.  Darn. 

Rainy season seems to have started … we already know we cannot go to the wedding in La Llanes tomorrow because that narrow, curved road with the steep drop off is just too slippery.  Another darn.

Good news about the rain: once you get beyond the mud on the ground and the trash that gets pushed around due to the rivers that flow in the streets and walking paths, it is GREEN and clean at knee level and up.  And other than a few hours of humid stickiness every day, it is a bit cooler in the evenings.  Especially when the breeze comes up.

Critters are in force though.  All sorts of critters.  Mosquitos (which will become less so as the rainy season strengthens because (I think) the heavy and consistent (as in daily) rains that fall create too much movement in the breeding places which for the most part are no longer stagnant pools of standing water.  But we have what look like the ‘flying termites’ I used to get once a year in my old Clive house … gnats, moths; big and little, lots of flies, beautiful butterflies, ants (naturally), and I’ve seen more cockroaches in my office (and bedroom, sigh) than I have in ALL the time I’ve been here – 2 of them – one died of natural causes, the other has been evicted and is living somewhere outside in the garden.  Until he finds his way back here anyway.

There was a beautiful 1” spider on my office wall last night – and a lizard about a foot away from it.  They were obviously watching each other.  The lizard would creep a little closer … the spider seemed to play dead – the lizard would creep a little closer still … and the spider made the 6” walk to the door frame.  The lizard moved a little closer (getting within 6” of the spider) and the spider dashed out the door.  Lizard gave up and found its place – where ever that is – in the office where he lives …

I was rooting for the lizard by the way.

Wish I thought to take a photo.

Rainy season also means that clothing takes forever to dry.  I’ve had my laundered shirts hanging for 3 days – they are still damp.  A pair of jeans has been out for 5 days.  And now I have to really watch the clothing in the wardrobe and air them out on occasion.  Last year I had to wash about 2/3 of my clothes because they had gotten moldy.  I think that was God’s way of saying: ‘Kathy, you still have too much clothing if they are in the wardrobe for such long stretches of time that they can actually get moldy.’ 

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