Sunday, March 11, 2012

Voting Day

Well.  They wouldn’t let me in … so I was only able to get a few outside photos.  It wasn’t TOO crowded outside, but from what little I could see behind the doors of the school – it was pretty crowded inside.

Even this morning, people were discussing the proper way to put their marks on the ballots.  I have a bad feeling about how the results will be ultimately tallied.  I wonder how many ballot slips will have to be thrown away due to being miss-marked in one way or another. 

Blanca and her dad heading to the high school to vote

Blanca's mom, Cecilia's mom and Idalia heading out to vote. 
Notice the lack of political party colors in their clothing choices.

The scene at the end of the block at the high school - lots of activity

Coming in by truck, by foot, by moto-taxi ...

Taking advantage of the crowds to earn those few cents

The Scouts help out

Not sure what their job was - maybe crowd control and question answering?

Every bag got checked and every man got patted down

Of course you can take our picture!

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