Thursday, October 20, 2011

Photos of Rio de los Bueyes

Making food packets with the delegation

Everyone out while we hoe up dry road to get beyond the slippy part!

We needed to walk a bit behind the truck

Greeted by horses and their owners!  What a great surprise!

Weldon helping out

Blanca, Idalia and Mauricio

Loading the food bags into larger bags

Loading bags for the horses

Ready for the horse

Easier to carry the boxes in sacks for the horses

Packets ready to load onto the horses
Securing the packets

Teri is a natural on the horse

Marie looks mighty fine atop that steed.

Even I got to ride!  What luck!

MY view - Manuel was my chauffer for the trip down

These men walked so we could ride.  NICE people

Members of the Civil Protection Committee were provided slickers and boots

Everyone pitches in when they can

This wasn't even the worst of it ... for those parts I was holding on for dear life!!

A long way down to Rio de los Bueyes
Almost there ... the walkers were TIRED and a mess

At the school

Planning how to proceed

Kathy and Blanca

Adding the oil to the bags

Directiva president addressing the crowd

Listening and waiting

Directiva President thanking the Team and the delegation

Blanca addressing the crowd

Everyone listening

Me having a good cuddle

Avoiding puddles

With her family's packet

Looking on as others receive their packets

The fingerprint signature
The Directiva helping out

Skirting the muddiest areas to leave the school grounds

Here is is dad ...

We're grateful for the Directiva's work!

Many fingerprint signatures - using the pen to ink the finger

Waiting patiently for her family

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Waiting for mom

This woman was SO beautiful

A contagious smile

Patient and kind hearted delegates!!

Trying to stay mud free

Helping mom
Whoops.  I stepped in a mud puddle

Idalia accepting the ride back up the road

No words for this cutie!!

Weldon walked down - but gonna ride up!!

Blanca's very FIRST ever ride on a horse.  She was scared.  But not anymore!

Elmer (Cecilia's son) had come along to help and learn about his mom's work

My chauffer for the ride up - but about halfway up he let go of my rope!!

A lovely road.  We all felt very bad for our 'chauffers'

Kindly horse-men

Taking a breather before they head back down

Friendly and helpful horse-men

Manuel - a GREAT voice for his community!

Saying good-bye to us!

Those birds when in this quantity mean that the rains are going to let up for a while.
We can hope.

But ... the next day it did rain ALL day again.  The delegation had to cancel their visit to their partner community.  But this day's experience was priceless. 

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