Saturday, April 23, 2011

Berlin Sand Art Photos - Holy Friday

I forgot to mention that during the day, prior to the procession and internment of Christ in the evening, there is sand/salt art being created on the streets of Berlin.

Below are some of the photos - Alisha, Cecilia and I took a tour - walking the path of the procession to see the works in progress - we knew that during and after the procession, we wouldn't be able to see much and they would get smeared and/or totally destroyed by the people walking on them.  They are beautiful works of art created lovingly by groups of people in Berlin.
Some took up the whole street.  This is in front of the High School

Detail ...

Alisha taking pictures of the details

Always a group effort.
Colored salts

Cheetoh art.  The OUTLINES are cheetohs later to be colored in.

Standing carefully as to not ruin the work
My friend Fermin ... caught dirty handed!!  I hardly recognized him!

The most 'edible' art of the day!

A snowman in a snow blizzard.  We think.  Maybe they are not done yet...

Fine tuning

Stencils and spray paint.  The only one of it's style
On a cobbled street, you need to have a thicker base of sand or salt.


Having fun - the whole group seemed to be enjoying themselves!


Mixing the salt and colorant

The feet of faith ...

May favorite.  Used seeds and fruits and cyprus needles.

Close up of the conacaste seeds and fruit

Another favorite.  Very small, made with love by KIDS
"The Creation of God"

The artists and creators of this 'dibujo de sal' (y fruta, y semillas!)

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