Friday, June 4, 2010

June 1st 2010 - Santa Cruz Fertilizer Photos

Loading the bad tire into the truck of the fertilizer store owner (left). He let Cruz use it to go replace the tire. VERY nice of him! Granted... we buy a heck of a lot of fertilizer from him!

Me pretending. Not sure I could even change the tire on the little pick up truck!

Cruz (white t-shirt) helping to load.

Insert your own caption here.

President of the Santa Cruz Directiva ... he looks about 12 but is quite eloquent.

I just liked this picture

Oscar (Delegate of the Word of Santa Cruz) helping out

The thumb print

The strength of the women here always amazes me.

The woman who offered us ATOLE (a sweet and thick corn based "coffee")
Here she is cooling it for me. She didn't want me to burn myself!

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